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Simple Send Offs

When you contact Simple Send-offs you can be assured that you will receive a personal and high quality service from our dedicated team.  From your initial contact, you will be supported by an experienced funeral director who will guide you throughout the whole process.

Simple Send-offs will undertake the following steps:

We will visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your needs and advise you on the options available and your legal responsibilities

The completion of all the necessary medical and legal paperwork

The transfer of your loved one to our mortuary

Care of the deceased prior to the cremation

Provision of an individual wooden coffin, approved for cremation and personalised with nameplates

The arrangements for the cremation

A respectful transfer of the deceased by hearse to the appointed crematorium

The provision of coffin bearers

A minimum 20 minute allocated service time and personal choice of music at the crematorium

Depending on your preference your Funeral Director will personally deliver the cremated remains to you in either an urn or scatter tube, or arrange for the ashes to be strewn in the memorial garden.

In addition, Simple Send-offs will endeavour to accommodate any personal wishes, although charges may apply for certain services.





Areas served: Bebington, Birkenhead, Bromborough, Heswall, Hoylake, Liverpool, Neston, Prenton, Upton, Wallasey, West Kirby, Whiston, Wirral.

Categories: Funeral Directors

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