MICKY Higham is determined Leigh will be in the best shape possible for when rugby league emerges from lockdown.

But Centurions aren’t the only ones benefiting from the fitness regimes of the club’s strength and conditioning coach.

Higham is pleased with the commitment shown by John Duffy’s squad as players implement their own individual training routines.

Skipper Danny Addy is also confident the Betfred Championship team will be well placed to hit the ground running when the season resumes later in the year.

“So far, so good,” says Higham who also has been part of nightly online circuit training classes on behalf of Rugby League Cares.

“We have a good bunch here at Leigh who do like to train.

“When we got wind of what might be happening, we sat down as a coaching staff and made a programme to see the lads through.

“As things have moved on we have lent them equipment from the gym and my gym in town.

“It is not the same when you are doing things on your own but they seem to be doing okay.

“I have been sent videos showing them working hard and doing the best they can. It is all about keeping fitness levels up.

“All the players have been sending in their weekly weights and in some cases they have lost weight. Or so they are telling me,” he laughed.

Higham shut the doors of his business – TRY fitness Leigh – a number of weeks ago.

“I said to all my clients and members to come in and take some weights to use back home,” he explained.

“I went in recently to check the place over and I couldn’t believe how much had been taken. But they have been loyal to me so it is good to give something back.

“I have also been doing online classes from the garden three times a week and quite a few people are getting into that.

“Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself when you are on your own with the couch and a bottle of wine.”

Captain Addy is determined to put in the hours during the season lockdown.

“I am still putting in the graft,” he said. “We are not putting our feet up or using it as time to rest.

“We see it as important to keep fit. We want to have done enough training while we have been off not to burn ourselves out but to get back straight into the swing of things.

“You do get into a routine but I can’t wait to get back to normal,” says the dad of two youngsters.

“Usually, I am never in the house so from that point it has been tough.”