JOHN Duffy wants his Leigh squad primed and ready to go when rugby league eventually emerges from coronavirus lockdown.

A number of his players have posted photos and videos on social media showing them following individual, home fitness programmes.

“The fitter and healthier the players can stay in these tough times the better,” says Centurions head coach Duffy.

“We can’t be having two pre-seasons in one year. Clubs will need the revenue so it won’t be a case of giving us four or five weeks to plan.

“Everyone will want to start straight away even though it is a waiting game because we don’t know how long this virus is going to be about.

“Once it is over, we have a duty to the fans to get out there and give them some rugby league after being stuck in their houses for months.

“We have got to go and deliver rugby league and make sure we do it well.

“That’s why the players will be as fit as they can be. We knew what was coming so we planned early to give the lads a home programme with dietary advice.

“It is not ideal but we have been on the ball as best we can.

“We are trying to make sure we are out there giving something to the fans and we are not sat at home doing nothing.”

However, Duffy admits these are “scary times” personally with wife Emma employed as an auxiliary nurse at Wigan Hospital.

The couple also have three children and Duffy says: “We are isolated as a family with Emma being on the front line.

“It’s tough but the two elder kids have been great with the youngest.

“We are just trying to keep busy and do as much as we can as a family.

“The kids are doing their schoolwork and we are prepping teas together, trying to come up with different stuff.

“I spent one morning making brownies with the younger one and managed to get most of it all over the kitchen,” he laughed.

Duffy is aware though how difficult a major change of routine is proving.

The club recently confirmed second row Nick Glohe’s return to Australia after six games and one try following his close season arrival.

“It is tough coming over on your own and it was getting on Nick’s mind about his family with the virus now hitting Australia,” said Duffy of the Scottish international.

“Living on his own over here took its toll on him and he had to get out.

“I really liked Nick and the fans and the players took to him. But his family and his own mental health are the most important things.

“But I have spoken to the rest of the lads. They all have family over here so everyone else is good.”