CHANGES voted through at today's Rugby League Council EGM will come into effect in time for the 2019 season.

The Super League season will see the 12 teams will play each other home and away.

There will be an additional six rounds of fixtures to replace the scrapped Super 8s rounds.

The Magic Weekend means that there will be 29 regular fixtures with each club guaranteed 14 home games.

The fans will have more certainty in knowing who and when their team will play each week.

After the completion of the league fixtures the top 5 teams will go in to a play-off structure with the winner of the Betfred Super League Grand Final being crowned Champions.

It is the same system that existed from the outset of the play-off system in 1998 until it was expanded to six and then eight.

The team finishing bottom of the table will be relegated.

Play-off structure:

Round 1.

Elimination Final: 4th v 5th.

Qualifying Final: 2nd v 3rd.

Round 2.

1st Semi-Final: Loser of QF v Winner of EF.

2nd Semi-Final: 1st v Winner of QF.

Round 3.

Preliminary Final: Loser of SF2 v Winner of SF1.

Grand Final: Winner of 2nd Semi-Final v Winner of Preliminary Final.

1.3 How will relegation work in the Betfred Super League?

The team that finishes bottom of the Betfred Super League at the end of Round 29 will be relegated to the Betfred Championship.

There is guaranteed one-up, one-down promotion and relegation in a 12-team competition.

1.4 How will promotion to the Betfred Super League work?

Details will be announced in due course following discussions by the Championship and League 1 clubs.