We asked our fans’ jury: Where do you stand on the position of manager Tony Mowbray after this run of results?


He simply has to go and quick. I'm sad to write this as he has done so much good for the club but if he stays any longer his legacy will be tarnished forever and that's not fair on him.

With one win in 14 games the writing is on the wall for me, it's a huge relief that we accumulated so many points earlier on in the campaign otherwise we would be relegated by now.

Friday's loss at Wycombe and the way we failed to compete was a disgrace.

As poor as Mowbray has been doing, the players this calendar year have done nothing at all for him and they should not be without criticism.

Andrew Robinson


I've stood by Tony Mowbray longer than most, but these last two games have convinced me that his time is up - not so much due to the results, but the nature of the performances.

It's not that we've shipped goals or been outplayed, we've just lacked personality and drive.

I believe the players still like the manager but they've lost belief in him. They've adopted a defeated mentality and that comes from the top.

I hold Tony Mowbray in the highest regard, similar to Gary Bowyer, both of whom came in at a perilous time and brought sense and honesty to a club writhing in controversy but his tactics, vision and excuses have become tired.

Should he stay, I'll continue to support him as I believe he's doing the best job he knows how, but I hope for everyone's sake, including his, he leaves us whilst we're in a better place than when he inherited us, which we undoubtedly are and only have him to thank.

Kelvin Wilkins


Preston North End a week ago were rightly concerned about the threat of relegation while most people connected with Rovers seemed complacent and thinking the season was just being played out.

Well now Preston are two points ahead in the table and Blackburn are in freefall as teams below them have started to produce unexpected results and are finding some form.

If a manager is prepared to accept the plaudits and accolades when his team does well then logically he carries the can when his side wins one out of 14 games.

Mr Mowbray has wasted £11m pounds on two strikers who have been little short of disastrous and signed a centre half, who rarely plays, and is being paid silly money on a three year contract.

If this was a court of law I would be resting my case and quietly confident of the outcome.

For any success that Mr Mowbray has had it is patently obvious that he is unable to motivate his ever changing team and he cannot see the wood for the trees.

His casual demeanour and spiritless interviews suggest he is treading water whist he hopes the owners will dispense with his services and compensate him accordingly.

I fear that the Rovers will continue to drop into the relegation zone and we all must pray their goal difference will save all our souls. Amen.

Paul Yates