Danny Graham is no stranger to his future being discussed.

Since first arriving on-loan from Sunderland in January 2016 there were soon questions, as he quickly settled in to life at Ewood Park, about the prospect of a permanent stay.

That was eventually secured in the summer of 2016, but the following year, he was among those players who was expected to receive interest following Rovers' relegation to League One.

He stuck around, his 17 goals key to helping secure an immediate return to the Championship, but in 2018 his contract was up for renewal.

When that was finally secured, Graham's contract was in the news again in January 2019 when he triggered a one-year extension.

At the back end of 2019 interest from A-League side West Sydney Wanderers surfaced, with Graham in to the last year of his deal.

And now to June 2020 with Graham among the Rovers players whose deal expires atthe end of the month, though at the very least, he's expected to see out the remainder of the 2019/20 season at Ewood Park.

As for beyond that, the striker says he would '100 per cent' sign a new deal should one arrive for the club.

And throughout his time at the club Graham has stated his love for life at Rovers, and indicated he would be happy to see out his career at the club.

As for Tony Mowbray, he has previously the striker, stating: "I've been in football all my life since leaving school and Danny Graham is as good a one-touch finisher as I've seen."

Here is what the pair have said about his future: 

February 2020 - TM on DG's lack of game-time after Bradley Dack's injury
“I have talked a lot about trying to change the team and become a more technical team and play more football.

“With total respect to Danny he can’t close down with the same intensity as the two strikers we usually play so I don’t think it’s a Bradley Dack coincidence it’s just the way the team is transforming and progressing at this moment.

“I think Danny sometimes is almost like an easy option to hit 60-yard balls all time. If Dack isn’t around him it’s not easy.

“You have to add in that Danny Graham is 34-and-a-half years old, and while he won’t think about his age because he’s working hard in training, they’re different types of footballers, Adam Armstrong and Sam Gallagher to Danny Graham.

"Graham and Dack in League One, we had a lot of the ball in the opposition half, we play a lot of diagonal balls in to Danny who’s brilliant with his body and can drop the ball down for Dack and he did what he did and scored 18 goals and Danny scored 17.

“The team has moved on and Danny, as I’ve said to him, he’s almost become a Plan B for us when we almost forget about the football and have to go more direct.

“Yet when you play direct football and you don’t get the rewards, you’re giving the ball away really and you have to be ready to be attacked. Against the best teams, they don’t give you the ball back very easily.

“Danny is very understanding, I have a very good relationship with him."

December 2019 - DG on early season frustrations and Australia interest
“No. It was discussed, the manager pulled me and said that there was a contract there for two years in Australia and that was as far as the conversation went.

“He felt he had to tell me and said ‘fair enough’ and that was that.

“I’ve said many times, whether I’m playing or not, I love it at this football club, I’m contracted until the end of the season and my aim is to see that out and do as well as I can for this club.

“I think I struggled at the start, I’ll hold my hands up.

“I always said that after last year I felt it should have been my shirt to lose.

“That wasn’t the case, I did struggle with that at the start, but I’m getting on with it and working hard every day in training.

“If I’m an option off the bench or to start then I’m happy as long as the team is winning, it doesn’t matter.

“I know what I can bring to this football team and this football club."

September 2019 - TM on A-League interest in DG

“I did take a random call and I think that was a possibility.

“I ran it by Danny out of respect for Danny Graham. The conversation I had was about the term of that contract.

“I would hope that he’d want to stay and fight for his place and enjoy his career at this club because I want him to enjoy his football.

“At the same time, the terms I was told of that deal would have been good for Danny Graham so I felt rather than keep that one discussion to myself I would let him make the decision.

“It looks to me, because nothing has come of it, is that he’s happy to stay here and fight for his place and be part of Blackburn Rovers.”

January 2019 - DG on contract extension

“I’m 33 now, I know I’m not going to be around forever.

“I don’t see myself moving to another club. If there was a chance I don’t think I would take it.

“I’m very settled here. I love the boys, staff, everyone around the club.

“More importantly for me, after my time with Sunderland, I’m enjoying my football again and I want that to continue.

“I don’t see the need to move on or leave any time soon.”

January 2019 - TM on DG's transformation

“I needed, if he was going to stay, to change his mindset. Every credit to Danny Graham he took it all on board.

“The way I wanted to play, you couldn’t stand around on the edge of the box and wait for the ball.

“You could never take away his ability to finish off both feet and head the ball in to the net, yet the team required more of a work ethic and a bigger physical output from him.

“To his great credit he took that on board, he understand that he needed to run more and he’s done that, he’s got fitter over the piece.”

June 2018 - DG on signing a new deal

"I said at the end of the season that I wanted the contract situation to be sorted quickly and although it took a little longer than expected, it’s done, I’m happy and really looking forward to next season.

“Ever since I walked in here I’ve really felt at home and I have a great relationship with the fans and the boys in the dressing room. It was too hard for me to walk away and I’ve never wanted that. I’ve never once stated that I wanted to leave this club.

"Did I have conversations with other people at other clubs? Yes I did, but I never wanted to leave."

April 2016 - DG on wanting an extended Ewood stay

“Blackburn took a chance on me when I wasn’t playing a lot up at Sunderland and a lot of people questioned my fitness.

“I had a tough few years with not scoring many goals and that might have put people off.

“But as soon as I walked in the door the gaffer said he knew what I was about and he knew that I could score goals.

“From the first minute it seems to have been a perfect fit.”

February 2016 - DG on his opening month at Ewood 

“Since the moment I’ve walked through the door the staff and the players have been superb with me.

“It does feel like I’ve been here longer than three weeks or so. That’s a good thing and hopefully we’ll do well together.

“I feel as though I’m playing well. Everyone knows it was a tough time for me at Sunderland but I’ll never hide from that. I think it’ll make me a stronger person going forward.

“100 per cent (I would be interested in staying)."