Rovers are ready to play their part in the fight against coronavirus by offering Ewood Park as a community facility to help tackle the pandemic.

Chief executive Steve Waggott revealed he has spoken with the council about how the club could help in the period of uncertainty created by COVID-19.

Ewood is currently closed to all but essential maintenance work, but Waggott says the club’s facilities could be opened up to the community should they be required.

Rovers’ Community Trust arm continue to deliver services, where possible, and so long as it can be done to meet Government guidelines, Waggott is happy for Ewood’s facilities to be used where necessary.

“I have filled in a survey for the council regarding community assistance in terms of Ewood,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“We do have kitchens, lots of rooms and areas, and if one aspect of the club, the football aspect, of what we’re about has to close down and be run at a low level for a while, then we can try and play a part in assisting the most vulnerable in society.

“We’re all in it together and will all get through it together.

“If it’s done within the guidelines, working with the council and local providers, and everything is done in the right way then we’re here to help.”

Rovers’ Community Trust have been in touch with a number of elderly supporters who attend a variety of their schemes, as well as helping out at Blackburn Foodbank.

Waggott says it’s important the club do play their part in the community in the uncertain times.

He added: “I talk to Gary Robinson (Community Trust CEO) a few times a day to make sure his side of the club, the Community Trust, is being done within Government guidelines and the medical advice given.

“It’s what you deem essential, and in terms of the police and youth engagement in difficult areas where they could be hit hard, for our Community Trust to be seen to be doing something could be deemed essential.

“But if it’s done it has to be done so that no-one is put at risk, and it is an important aspect.

“They’re making phone calls, we’re looking at deliveries, a range of things to try and help.”