And after the lull comes the storm. Hopefully a storm of goals from the Rovers as Huddersfield feel the backlash of recent weeks. Indeed recent years.

When was the last time Rovers comprehensively thrashed a team in the top divisions?

Admittedly the gulf between top and bottom has shrunk in recent years but I yearn for a rout. 

Lunchtime matches televised on live TV always evoke memories of those two thrashings of teams in claret and blue only six months apart in 2001. Living in the past, maybe, but an explosion of goals from this team is surely imminent.

The performances have fluctuated so much this season that surely the only one left, after the calamity of the QPR game, is  a stress-free masterclass.

Back in the real world, there must have been plenty of frustration regarding the work devoted to the defence due to the absence of one of the fit candidates, Derrick Williams.

With Greg Cunningham a long-term absence and Darragh Lenihan set for another few weeks on the sidelines Tony Mowbray must have rolled his eyes skywards as his other regular defender travelled around Europe and no doubt excelled in his 116 seconds on the pitch. 

I had maintained that Rovers’ inability to defend for the full duration would not be too costly as we would always get goals. That has been disproved.

The delivery from wide areas has to become more varied. And by that I don’t mean between hitting the first man, floating to the keeper and over hitting out of play.

There may be a distinct lack of movement at times from attackers when readying for a cross, but far too many balls into the danger area are predictable even to us fans. 

As many are aware, I am sometimes too positive about matters at Ewood and I will undoubtedly remain so, but I do share the worries and reservations about players that others have. 

I truly believe things will be resolved but I feel every setback and hope the players do too.

On Saturday they need to prove to us that they are prepared to fight for the club.