We asked our Rovers fans' jury: "What is your stance on Rovers’ Category A plus ticketing price point for matches with Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United?"

It cost a senior £12 to watch the Forest game on the Riverside. It will cost them £26 to suffer both Wednesday and Leeds amounting to a 107 per cent increase.

Presumably these games are classified as Category A+ because we will sell out the away allocation of tickets but this is little consolation to the disillusioned Rovers' fans who choose their matches carefully.

If Rovers are desperate to attract back absentee supporters, some might argue that this is an "own goal".

If tickets for all matches were between £10 and £15 would anybody lose but the season ticket holders?

Paul Yates

Ticketing has been an issue for some time at Rovers as the club can't seem to find the right balance. 'Fair' pricing hasn't brought in the numbers that the club hoped and increased pricing hasn't brought in the finances.

I doubt that fans who haven't invested in a season ticket have been incentivised enough to pay crazy money for a match day ticket at category A+ pricing. It's certainly a compliment to both Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United to think they're a strong enough pull but it's delusional.

I'm not interested in tempting back returning fans, the Venky's have learned from their mistakes and absent fans can only blame bureaucracy for so long but I am interested in selling the club to a new generation of fans. Commitment to schools with player visits and free tickets will undoubtedly help the club in the long term. 

Kelvin Wilkins

I find Rovers stance incredibly disappointing. I can see the thought process behind the decision to overcharge the likes of Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday,  considering the prices we have been charged in the past, two wrongs don’t make a right though. It has increased the price for Rovers fans who otherwise may have gone to the game.

The three-game ticket is a good idea, it isn’t practical for everyone though. Some people will only be able to make it to the Sheffield Wednesday game, so those fans continue to suffer. Football should be affordable to everyone.

Rovers may now suffer similar backlash when we travel away, it would be easy for Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds to increase their prices further. What do we do then, charge £50?

We should have ignored the pricing of other teams and stuck to what we normally charge. It paints us in a bad light to the wider football world and impacts not just travelling fans, but home fans as well. 

Tom Schofield