IDENTITY is so important in football.

And regardless of what the ‘anti-football’ critics say, there is no doubt that the Clarets have an identity.

We weren’t at our best in the first half at Villa Park last week but we came back out in the second half and I think you could see the attributes that ended up winning us the point, namely the determination and commitment to get hold of a game.

Plenty of people complain that the football we play isn’t pretty but I beg to differ.

At times, some of the football we play is fantastic – when we move the ball quickly and sharply, it’s a joy to watch.

But we have to be realistic. With the budget and squad we have, there are going to be some games where you have to dig in and get a result and that’s what we’re doing this season.

I think this year’s Premier League is a little bit of a strange one because you’ve got teams at all different stages.

Chelsea are in a transitional stage with new boss Frank Lampard, Wolves are going through that sticky patch that comes with a ‘smaller’ club having to juggle a European and domestic fixture list and the three promoted clubs are all trying to find their feet in the top flight, to varying degrees of success.

But I think the most glaring issue for some teams – Arsenal, Manchester United and Saturday’s visitors Everton – is a lack of identity.

All three have been Premier League mainstays and, aside from a few years with Everton, have been part of the big six for more years than not.

But all are going through an identity crisis at the minute and it’s really showing in their results and performance.

I’ve never been much of a Marco Silva fan because his record in the Premier League isn’t great.

But he spent more than £100m in the summer and Everton have seven points from their first seven games.

He also had the cheek to suggest our style of play is the reason why Michael Keane can’t play out from the back!

There’s no doubting that Everton are seen as a bigger club than the Clarets and most fans would love us to be able to go out and spend £100m in a window.

But let’s just be careful what we wish for. I’d prefer a club with an identity over a rudderless team any day!