We asked our Rovers fans' jury to pick out one positive, and one negative, from the opening six matches of the season.

THE one positive that I take is that Lewis Travis is continuing his journey into becoming a much needed and valuable midfielder. Far from the finished article and still with a lot to learn, his development and progress is there for all to see whilst his spirit and energy should be a lesson to his colleagues.

The negative I take is the generous snowflake defence who each week continue to make the opposition think that Christmas has come early. The over-60s should be dissuaded from watching Rovers’ back four in order to keep their blood pressure to a reasonable level.

Paul Yates

IT’S been an okay start to the season I’d say.

We’ve had a very tough start and to have picked up seven points going into the first international break is a positive thing. I have particularly been impressed with our defending very early on.

We looked very solid when keeping a hat-trick of clean sheets. I’m about to contradict myself now though, one major disappointment is how we continue to be the masters of our own downfall, both defensively and offensively. Failing to score when on top and individual errors defensively continue to cost us.

Tom Schofield

THERE have been many positives such as the addition of Bradley Johnson, the emergence of youth and the more resolute defence.

For me though, my positive is Sam Gallagher. I was wary of his signature as he didn’t play to his strengths last time round, getting knocked off the ball and losing the majority of aerial battles despite his size.

I’m pleased to see that he’s bulked up and become more aggressive and more dominant in the air. With time I’m confident he’ll become a great bit of business.

As for a negative, it’s the goalkeeping situation. Despite a decent game or two, I’m not confident that Christian Walton is the dominant goalkeeper we need to inspire confidence in the defence.

Hopefully I’m wrong.

Kelvin Wilkins