It was truly warming, even on a hot day, to see both Danny Graham and Charlie Mulgrew on the bench look so happy that Ben Brereton had got the monkey off his back and scored.

In the tough times that Rovers faced recently it seemed that the camaraderie was strained and that the senior professionals were finding it hard to lift the younger lads when both Mulgrew, and, to a lesser extent, Elliot Bennett were both having a rough time of it.

Lately, for whatever reason, Bradley Dack has come back into some form, leading to some sublime football for supporters to enjoy.

Yet some Rovers fans still find it all too easy to find fault.

Folk who were all too gleeful to have a whinge when the chips were down have been curiously absent these last few weeks.

A couple returned to slate the allegedly poor performance against the relegated Bolton.

Whatever you want to take from Rovers, you can.

It’s a broad church. One big enough for worship and also enough room to stand at the bar or outside and mutter about a lack of belief, if that makes you ‘happy’.

Curmudgeonly behaviour is a main feature of many Blackburnians and all part of our rich tapestry.

The promised game-time for Under-23s players gave an added dimension to the win.

Both John Buckley and Dan Butterworth looked sharp and eager and it augurs well for the future.

Tony Mowbray has got some things wrong this season, mainly because he isn’t infallible, but so many things have gone right as regards the future of the club.

There are players at the club who could amass 300-400 games for us.

The progress that has been made, slowly, and leaves us in a position that only another cataclysmic set of decisions can disrupt. Despite what some Johnny-know-nowt keyboard warriors might type we are no longer the laughing stock of 2012. There is now heart at the club and not a little soul.

And us fans are the lifeblood that keeps it going.

Let’s keep the iron in that blood.