There has been of late a growing trend of Rovers players who seem to acknowledge that they won’t be lining up in a Rovers shirt, for one reason or another, next season.

It is a worrying sign which obviously affects their state of mind and depreciates the commitment to the football club.

Some players are true professionals. No matter WHO they play for they give everything since that club pay them handsomely to do so.

The main downside of the abolition of the old March transfer deadline is that, firstly, clubs such as Rovers can ill afford to handsomely pay 30-odd players of first team standard.

When injuries strike they are down to the bare bones and must adapt.

Secondly the chance to perhaps bring in a couple of loanees and farm, or transfer, a few out is denied.

Hindsight is 20/20 and we all see now that Tony Mowbray should have bought some cover in the January window and not allowed certain players to go on loan.

This is a man who managed his team to four wins and a draw away at Premier League opposition in that window. I didn’t hear many complain about him in that month. Those who did, cited the £7m investment in Ben Brereton and loan of Paul Downing as folly.

Forward planning is of course paramount but, given the resources that we have, only a true dreamer would not acknowledge that Rovers were punching above their weight at that point.

To have started the season poorly and only now started pulling away would have led to raptures.

Let’s not ignore the fact that finishing fourth from bottom leads some clubs to invade the pitch and celebrate not being relegated while assured mid-table teams ‘enjoy’ a muted lap of honour.

Rovers are currently in a slump but it won’t last. Changes will be made and performances will improve and mid-table is where we will be parked come May.

 Promise has not been fulfilled by many players, but next season will see further improvement.

 Get behind those lads in blue and white, whoever they are.