It is a truth generally acknowledged that an experienced player in the Championship is a player in the second tier due to one or more idiosyncrasies.

Occasionally, as in the case of Gareth Barry, Danny Graham and Jon Obi Mikel it is the onset of heavy legs.

Sometimes it is a lack of confidence; sporadically it is the temptation to be a flat-track bully and get 20 goals at a lower level.

In the case of many Rovers players it is evident that it is because they just aren’t good enough for the top level.

This is no slur. Indeed a few aren’t even up to this level yet.

So many footballers suffer from ‘butterfly brain’ where the lapse of concentration can be a serious derailment to a top career.

My mantra this season has been We Are Where We Are.

A settled club in the second tier is all we wanted to be three years ago and although we have dreams they are usually broken into by nightmare errors or daydreaming footballers.

A play-off place would have been a tremendous season but in reality the ifs and buts cut both ways and this season was mainly about Tony Mowbray finding out who could cut the mustard in the Championship and who was vinegar bottled as wine.

A decent side would have been 3-0 up against Rovers on Saturday by the time the team finally turned up.

I’m not sure even the cocky chaps on Soccer AM ever managed three corners into the goal when it was empty.

Charlie Mulgrew’s ability at set pieces is only matched by his inability to convince as a defensive rock.

This is not to single out the skipper as a sole weakness: Mulgrew’s undoubted talent merely makes him more of a disappointment.

Amari’i Bell bounced back from a rookie error to show growth during the game and the younger players seized the initiative before dropping it as soon as Graham made it 2-1.

We all want a positive end to the season and there will be magical moments before May.

There will also errors. Let’s try and be kind.