Tony Mowbray says playing out wide shouldn’t be a barrier to goals for Championship player of the month Adam Armstrong.

A fine January has seen Armstrong move to eight goals since his permanent move from Newcastle United, one fewer than he managed in the second half of last season while on loan.

Armstrong, a natural centre forward, has exclusively been used on the wing by Mowbray, but has contributed goals and assists from that position, which saw him win the latest award.

Mowbray didn’t rule out the possibility of going with Armstrong up front in a 4-4-2 formation, but has been pleased with his impact since signing, not just the last month.

He said: “I think he is getting the rewards for his hard work. You might argue that he’s being played out of position but as we’ve said to him, Neymar plays left wing and scores 30 goals a season, so don’t use that as barrier to wanting to score and being hungry to score and create chances.

“What’s great about Adam is that he can run all day but run really, really fast. The workrate of a wide player is no problem for him and he still has the acceleration and talent to be creative as well.

“Hopefully the goals, and the opportunities he’s been creating for others keep flowing.”

Armstrong played as a central striker during his time working under Mowbray at Coventry City in 2015/16 when he scored 20 league goals.

Asked if the attacker was a victim of not playing in the era of a big man, little man strike partnership, Mowbray said with a wry smile: “We might do that this week, you never know.

“There’s no rules that say you have to play a certain way.

“I like to concentrate on our team, how we play, and what we do, but nowadays if you play two up top you will get outnumbered in midfield and they will have more of the ball, if they are passing team.

“People who come to the game on Saturday will see Bristol City passing the ball and trying to create overloads and if you are outnumbered and you’re one of only two midfield players being passed around, you’ll be looking for help from somewhere.

“It’s a tactical game, modern day football, more than 20 or 30 years ago. Coaches have moved on, are more thoughtful on positions on the pitch.

“Maybe he is a victim of that, but as I’ve said, don’t use it as a barrier to be able to score goals, and I’m sure he doesn’t, he hasn’t been in my office moaning.

“And as long as he does what he has throughout January, and that’s create and score goals, then we will all be happy.”

Of his £1.75m signing, the boss added: “Adam has always been a talent and I think we have got a real snip in terms of him being our footballer, not on loan, and I think there’s so much more to come.

“I’m sure he will be a No.9 again somewhere down the line and I know he can score goals with either foot, his head, all types of goals, and he has to keep working hard and enjoying his football, and I think he’s doing that.”