While I would never launch into a diatribe about non-attendees at Ewood it was telling that the most vociferous of critics were the ones who didn’t have to brave the elements.

With or without embrocation and a hip flask, it was as cold at Ewood as I can remember it for a long time.

I was deluged over the weekend by those folk who gave credence to the “2-0 is a difficult lead” theory that I spoke of last week.

Truth be told it was a pretty comfortable lead until David Raya apparently saw a Bat symbol above the Jack Walker stand telling him to take leave of his senses.

He was not entirely to blame and many chose to focus on the players whom they usually blame.

Admittedly some of the Rovers players have temporarily slid backwards, and fans will always seek a scapegoat. It is sadly the nature of our shared ‘beast’.

Given the frugal financial options facing Connor Mahoney when at the club some have told me that I should be addressing the reception he received and maybe castigating the ‘culprits’. As it goes, I couldn’t care less either way.

Yes I would love to see a local boy done good in the side; No I don’t think Mahoney would now be a contender for a wide midfield place with Elliot Bennett, Harrison Reed, Adam Armstrong, Ben Brereton, Craig Conway and Stefan Mols all at the club.

One issue I continue to have is the insistence on our defence whacking the ball 60 yards to hang in the wind and provide meat and drink - not to mention confidence - for opposition centre-halves.

Rovers have at least 10 attacking players who love the ball at their feet.

Perhaps the Rovers rearguard want Sam Gallagher back. Maybe he owes Darragh some money and he is eager to pocket it. That would be one explanation.

By the next column Santa will have been and I hope he leaves us some points and moments to savour over the Christmas period.

All I want for Christmas is Harrison Reed signing a three year contract.