I try not to use this platform to slap down referees or opposition managers and nor will I now, writes Simon Smith

Except to say this: If your tactic is to totally kill the game as a spectacle and to be so negative that David Bailey tries to develop you then you had better be efficient.

And you cannot have the gall to complain when karma lands on your ‘hair island’ and puts chewing gum in it.

Justice was done last Saturday and while nobody played great, nobody played badly. 

My worry is that some fans I have spoken to have already designated us three points for this Saturday.

Make no mistake, Rotherham are not as well-drilled and resilient as QPR are, but they will doubtless employ a similar tactic.

 Some may point to Rovers’ desperate and defiant rearguard action at Derby and say that I am two-faced but firstly, we achieved our goal; secondly, Rovers didn’t repeat the exercise at Stoke, West Brom or in other tough away games.

Rotherham should be a team that a classy, ascendant side like Rovers beat comfortably but they will doubtless scrap for every ball and put Bradley Dack under the same kind of pub car-park rough-housing as QPR did.

If anyone came away from last Saturday with reputation enhanced it was young Ben Brereton. And I emphasise the ‘young’.

His cameo won the game - Dack’s nerveless conversion apart - and he showed immense strength in injury time to retain possession.

Football has long been a squad game and those who fixate on the ‘£7m’ aspect should perhaps take a look at the players we have.

Dack’s value is over double that, Darragh Lenihan would command more than the less able Grant Hanley and Shane Duffy.

What price young - again I emphasise the adjective - David Raya in a market where the England No.1 of two years ago is conceding unlucky 13 in three games?

Brereton has not joined a team of strugglers whom he has to revitalise.

He is at a club who can guide him to fulfilling his potential.

Get behind the lads on Saturday!