Seen in the cold light of day, weighed up as a whole, a 2-2 draw with Wigan isn’t as bad as it seemed at 2pm on Sunday, writes Simon Smith.

Yes, it is now out of our hands, but when the pressure is really on who will hold their nerve?

Make no mistake, Wigan know they were blessed with a point; the reactions after the final whistle showed that. But they are a decent side.

In the past Rovers have been able to start some games apace and get their noses in front and then hang on.

On other occasions they have started sluggishly only to come alive in the second period.

In the cut and thrust of this division no team will ever be on the front foot for 90 minutes.

Football is occasionally played, usually by the Rovers, but the physical element is major.

At the top level fitness may well be paramount but the strain on the body through crunching tackles is absent.

Given the 100 per cent commitment given in the first period by Rovers on Sunday there was no chance they could emulate that second half.

Blackpool have already gone to Wigan and won by nicking an early goal and then defending stoically, catching the home side on the break.

And Gary Bowyer will surely have a similar game-plan on Saturday.

As in previous games we may have to be patient and it may well take until the second half to make a breakthrough.

The generally successful campaign can only be looked back on and assessed at the end.

For now, we try to enjoy it but those blasted opposition keep getting in the way of our planned 5-0 cakewalks.

Make no mistake, the results are everything now and I’m sure we’d all take 10 one-nil wins that deaden the soul as long as we are back playing Championship football next season.

This season has been a blast but must be nothing more than a flirty holiday romance with this division.

We must return to the old faithful Championship until we can trade up to the fickle, but ‘glamorous’ Premier League.