THIS is a time of year where we must turn our thoughts to those more fortunate than us. Those we forget about sometimes. Those far away. Our owners, writes Simon Smith.

Having wisely kept a low profile for a good while, January signals their return to the forefront of our minds. Will Tony Mowbray get the ‘war-chest’ that he asks for?

The problem lies with the keepers of the purse-strings oiling their way out of releasing them.

Should we be in the top three then The Owners will no doubt inform Mowbray that he is doing a great job and he has no need of money; crack on and get promotion.

However, if we stumble and see in 2018 out of the play-off spots then money may be released but who will come?

The way forward is always to buy when you are in a good position. The players we buy or recruit in January are players who should be part of our solid Championship side next season.

I hope and trust the manager hammers that point home.

This season has seen some level of levity return to Ewood with the relaunch of the 4000 Holes fanzine and Plagiarism Begins At Home’s excellent sticker designs. Of course the wins have helped too. But 2018 could be our best year this decade. It hasn’t much opposition.

As regards Sunday, I don’t totally agree with the accepted wisdom that conceding goals from corners is always worse than open play.

For one thing, even with two Crewe defenders back marking one Rover - or one defender back alone - there were still 16 to 18 players in the mixer and half of those were attacking the ball.

A good delivery can cause chaos as keepers are unsighted and deflections occur. It’s not always someone’s fault.

That said, the situation the club found itself in coming into this season is a fault that a few past and present can all share in. Among them... The Owners.

Safe trip to all on Saturday. COYB.