Booze-fuelled violence in Lancashire is set to get kicked into touch' this summer as police launch their annual Operation Summer Nights campaign in time for the World Cup in June.

The campaign was officially launched on Friday by Lancashire Constabulary's assistant chief constable Mike Cunningham.

It is hoped by launching this year's high-profile operation in the run-up to the World Cup, as opposed to its usual start date in June, alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and crime will be shown the red card' before getting a chance to repeat 2002 World Cup history.

During that tournament, the number of people reported to police for drunken and abusive behaviour rose by 21 per cent while booze-related disturbances at licensed premises more than doubled across the county.

Last year's Operation Summer Nights campaign saw a drop in drink-related violent crime of 4.8 per cent between June and August, equating to 41 fewer incidents arising from binge drinking.