This is a true story about how Sheffield's Bromheads Jacket, who play Manchester on April 12, got their name.

Drummer Dan had a pet hamster when he was little. The hamster was called Bromhead, and had a skin condition that meant patches of hair fell out.

So Dan's mum, taking pity on poor, shivering Bromhead, made him a little jacket, "like the ones greyhounds wear."

See, now it's not a stupid name, it's a charmingly sentimental one.

Live, they're a razor sharp, Surrey girls loving, takeaway scavenging trio.

Wilfully stealing from the best of Paul Weller's ouvre (The Jam) and thankfully ignoring the worst (everything else), they're tighter than Kate Moss's skinny jeans being modelled by one of the Magic Numbers.

Of course, it's unfair and not strictly true to the official lineup for us to bill this as Sheffield versus Bolton, because local geniuses Our Fold are technically the support act, can't claim to be from the same town as the Arctic Monkeys and have not, as yet, been lauded by the NME.

But as they appear to be entirely constructed from blistering balls of talent, it would be no surprise if there are headliners' nerves that are a little less than steely.

Bromheads Jacket and Our Fold, Jabez Clegg, Manchester, Wednesday April 12. Tickets £7.