DARWEN FC today won breathing space from winding-up moves brought against them at London’s High Court.

During a brief hearing, Mr Registrar Simmonds adjourned the winding-up order against the North West Counties Football League club, after hearing club director Kevin Henry deny that any debt is owed to petitioning creditor, ING Lease (UK) Limited, of 60 High Street, Redhill, Surrey.

Mr Henry told the court the club was contesting the petition, as the case relates to a lease was taken out by a different company.

The winding-up moves will be contested at a hearing to be scheduled, with the club and ING being given 14 days to file evidence ahead of that date.

Speaking outside court, Mr Henry said the petition related to a £9,000 sum allegedly owed to tool hire company ING for turf equipment, and that the club offered to work with ING to pursue the real debtor.

Mr Henry added that if it is properly shown the club is responsible for the debt, he will pay the £9,000 himself.

Club manager Dennis Hill said: “Kevin doesn’t want the club to go under.

“Things are beginning to be put in place to secure its future, but it is a waiting game for the next two weeks.”

Former club president Norman Walsh is leading a group of activists who want to retain a football club in Darwen.

Mr Walsh, 68, said: “We now need to get ourselves together in a public meeting and see what we can do.

“With this 14 day period, we are in a state of limbo, but hopefully it does mean the team can keep playing for a little longer.”

If the club had been wound up, its affairs would have been handed over to an Official Receiver to ensure the debts were paid.