Hundreds of intoxicated youngsters put their lives at risk by jumping into a quarry over the weekend.

Police took the attached photo, which shows the teenagers jumping from rocks and into the water at a quarry in West Lancashire.

Officers say they were putting themselves in immediate danger as industrial piping and other equipment lie hidden beneath the surface.

A warning has now been issued to youngsters in the area to stop putting their lives at risk as officers do not want to be paying parents visits to deliver news of injury or worse, death.

A spokesperson for the police said: "This weekend we saw hundreds of young people putting their lives at risk – as shown by this photo we took.

"We know the nice weather makes it appealing to cool down in the quarry but are they aware of the dangers?

"There is industrial piping and other equipment hidden beneath the water, the temperature change of jumping into cold water when your body is hot initiates a gasp response which can cause you to drown within seconds of entering the water, plus drinking alcohol (as some of these young people were) not only dehydrates you but causes your reactions to be delayed.

"We know young people want to enjoy themselves, but we are appealing to parents because we care.

"We don’t want to be the officers calling at your address to pass on the awful news that something terrible as happened to your child."