A RARE Ford Sierra Cosworth car was badly damaged after being deliberately set on fire in Little Hulton.

Firefighters were called to reports of a car fire in an industrial estate on High Field Road on Thursday evening at around 8.30pm.

The owner of the car was not present and it appeared that the blaze had been started deliberately.

Some models of Fore Sierra Cosworths, which ceased manufacture in the 90s, can fetch tens of thousands of pounds at auction.

Fire crews remained at the scene for 45 minutes and police also attended the incident, as the vehicle was 'of interest'.

Crew manager Mark Hoare said: "We attended a car fire at High Field Road in Little Hulton at 8.30pm.

"It was an unusual fire as a rare Ford Sierra Cosworth had been deliberately set on fire. The blaze affected the whole car and it was badly damaged.

"It was in an industrial estate so we had to cut through the gate to get to the fire.

"The owner was not there but there were a few people milling around.

"We were there for around 45 minutes and police were also called, they attended at 9pm as the car was of interest."