THE FAMILY OF JAMES GOODSHIP are encouraging the people of East Lancashire to take part in a memorial event for their son.

James was just 17-years-old when he drowned at Foulridge reservoir back in 2014.

Ahead of his anniversary on 22 June, his parents are encouraging his family, loved ones and those who want to pay their respects, to take part in a memorial event.

It will take place at Colne Citadel, on Market Place in Colne, where James’ memorial garden is located.

People are encouraged to write messages on the chalk boards and leave photos behind detailing their memories of him.

Chalk is provided.

This Is Lancashire: James Goodship's memorial chalkboard (Photo: Facebook/Colne Citadel)James Goodship's memorial chalkboard (Photo: Facebook/Colne Citadel)

The chalk board has always been there since the family created the memorial garden in 2015.

However, it has recently become weathered and the boards had to be repainted.

James’ father, Peter Goodship, added that many people use the garden without even realising what is was made for

He said: “A lot of people who didn’t even know James use his garden- people will often get their chips from the nearby chip shop, sit in the garden and read more about what happened to him.”

This Is Lancashire: James GoodshipJames Goodship

He explained that the tragedy “was such a big event in Colne” and so many people still remember it.

He added: “We do something every anniversary.

“This year we have decided to do the message boards as this is where his remembrance garden is.

“It’s for everybody really. Feel free to write anything- anyone who knew him, or just local people.”

Pete said the family will head up to the chalkboard on James’ anniversary (22 June) and read the messages that have been left behind.

Peter added: “Even if you can’t get into the Citadel, you can still post them through the door and we can collect them and pin them to the board.”