It was interesting to read in the Bolton News that the land owners of Hulton Park wish to change part of its planning direction for the good of the community.

However, it’s worth reminding ourselves that the original benefit to the community was worth £1.2 billion.With these alterations, it will now be worth £1.8 billion. No-one ever talks about how much more profit is being made.

No-one ever talks about one person (the government building inspector) making a decision which over-rides democracy, the wishes of 10,000 locals.

The system in use today fits in perfectly with the beginnings of Hulton Park (a thousand years ago) - the feudal system. You will have what I say, not what is best for you.

It matters not about the wildlife and woodland on Hulton Park, or the pollution from the massive increase in traffic in an already polluted area or the gobbling up of vast areas of Green Belt and replacing it with poorly paid jobs.

Once the £1.8 billion is spent, it will be gone forever, just like the park’s wild life.

At present the Tories are riding high but the loss of all this woodland and Green Belt which is happening throughout the country will have a major effect on them once global warming rises by another 1.5C.

No-one will then be bothered about money or what it can buy and living in a different part of Britain will make no difference.