PLANS have been submitted to build five townhouses on a vacant plot of land in Bury.

The development is proposed for land to south of Deardens Street to the west of Bury town centre.

Applicant Thomas Jones has submitted documents to Bury Council which say the proposal is set within a brownfield site which is currently overgrown.

To the north of the site there is a footpath behind a fence with a large apartment building beyond.

Deardens Street and a terrace of houses are to the other side of the street.

To the west there is an open green space with trees and terraced housing.

New two-metre fences will be built around the site and to the dividing garden boundaries.

An existing metal fence will be retained where possible, with the new timber fence erected behind this to provide privacy.

A design and access report, supporting the application, states: “The site is accessed from Deardens Street, an adopted road that branches off Bolton Road to the north.

“A shared drive will connect to this and provide access to the off street parking, with two spaces per dwelling to be provided.

“It will be a terrace of five townhouses which step back from the front elevation at intervals breaking up the street scene.

“The buildings are set over three levels and provide three bedrooms with associated living space.

“They are designed to have a traditional feel.”

Currently the land is fenced up with no access to the public and has been for several years.

The forms state that all the land is under one ownership and would be developed within the next two years.

The report concluded: “The proposal provides efficient use of land and will provide quality accommodation.

“It maintains residential scale and is consistent with surroundings.

“There are no adverse impacts of approving this applications and as such we respectfully request planning permission be granted.”