A FAMILY has been left devastated after garden furniture bought as a birthday present was stolen from the back garden.

Kevin and Pat Baggaley, 70 and 60, had their furniture stolen from their Astley Bridge home at the end of April - worth about £290 and bought for Pat as a 60th birthday present.

Kevin is also currently battling multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and kidney failure.

Kelly Hulton and her two siblings, Sam and Lee, bought the furniture for their parents last July.

The couple had downsized to a bungalow in Astley Bridge following an intensive care battle Kevin had in 2018.

Despite the “odds being so slim”, Kevin pulled through and made a recovery, although has been hit by poor health recently.

The couple were left heartbroken when they found out that cruel thieves had stolen the furniture from their garden.

Kelly said: “My dad is still really poorly and it is an ongoing thing for him really.

"It has been a tough time with what has been going on, especially with the pandemic for the last year.

“This has just tipped us over the edge really - it’s just idiots not thinking about anyone other than themselves.

“They are devastated by it. It has had a knock-on effect because they struggled to sleep the night after.

"People don’t realise the knock-on effect that that their actions have.”

And Kelly said that they are unsure if they will buy more furniture - due to the fear that it could be stolen again.

She added: “If we do get another set we will have to lock it down, which is a shame but we need a way to make it safer.

“It is a sheltered accommodation area too so they knew that the people they would be targeting were elderly people and those in need.

“It doesn’t matter who you do it off, but the area is all bungalows and less-abled people, so it is sickening really.”