A ROUND-UP of cases dealt with recently.

A THIEF who burgled a Bolton pharmacy has been ordered to have treatment for drug addiction. Michael O’Hara, aged 39, of Ralph Street, Bolton, burgled Lee Pharmacy on Bennetts Lane, Bolton, on March 6 last year and also admitted assaulting a police officer and possessing cannabis. O’Hara was fined £50, must pay the officer £75 in compensation and participate in 10 days of rehabilitation activities.

MAGISTRATES fined a man £440 after he used an Audi car on Prince Street, Bolton, which did not have an MoT or proper registration plates. The case against Mohammed Khan, aged 34, of Royal Court Drive, Bolton, was proved.

MAGISTRATES have fined a motorist £80 after he was caught in charge of a car while over the legal alcohol limit. Cole Tattersall, aged 21, of Wigan Road, Bolton, committed the offence in a Citroen C1 on Greenway Close, Bolton, on December 3 last year. He had 10 penalty points added to his licence.

A DRIVER had no licence or insurance when he drove a Toyota Corolla on Deansgate, Manchester, on December 7 last year. The case against Thoulfaqar Shamsa, aged 24, of Camellia Close, Bolton, was proved and he was fined £780.

A PEUGEOT driver caught doing 107mph on a motorway has lost his licence for 14 days. Jaiden Leonard-Patel was caught travelling at that speed on the westbound carriageway of the M62 at Rochdale on June 18 last year. Leonard-Patel, aged 22, of Firethorn Close, Westhoughton, was also fined £507.

MAGISTRATES have sentenced a teenager to a conditional discharge after she was caught with a quantity of mamba, a form of synthetic cannabis, on January 21 in Birmingham. Jade Smith, aged 19, of Bridge Street, Horwich, pleaded guilty to committing the offence.

A MAN caught trespassing on the railway at Daisy Hill Station has been fined £180. Kaz Doyle, aged 44, of Wordsworth Avenue, Atherton, committed the offence on September 8 last year.

MAGISTRATES have sentenced a man to a conditional discharge for 12 months after he admitted damaging a fence in Roslin Garden, Bolton, on August 23 last year. William Boyle, aged 31, of no fixed address, was ordered to pay the fence owner £50 in compensation.

MAGISTRATES have fined Billy Hilton, aged 38, of Engist Street, Bolton, £50 after he failed to keep in touch with his supervising officer after release from prison.

A WOMAN who had no licence and drove off after colliding with another car in Bowland Drive, Johnson Fold, has been fined £360 by magistrates. The Nissan Micra 29-year-old Stacey Naylor was driving was involved in a collision with a Peugeot 208 on February 5. Naylor, of Victoria Grove, Bolton, pleaded guilty to careless driving, having no licence or insurance and failing to stop or report and accident. She was banned from applying for a licence for 18 months.

A DRINK-driver has been banned from holding a licence for 12 months. Adam Gartrell, aged 27, committed the offence when he drove a Seat Leon on Stitch-mi-Lane, Bolton, on April 17. Gartrell, of Gadbury Fold, Atherton, was also fined £120.

A WOMAN who hosted a gathering at her Clarendon Street home, breaching coronavirus regulations, has been fined £250. Jamie Wilson, aged 35, pleaded guilty to committing the offence on September 20 last year

A WOMAN has been fined after she failed to provide police with a breath sample. On November 22 last year Sumiyyah Khan, aged 36, of Gibbon Street, Bolton, was suspected of being in charge of a vehicle in Salford when she failed, without a reasonable excuse, to provide the sample. She denied committing the offence but was convicted, fined £120 and had 10 points added to her driving record.