A High Court judge has ruled in favour of the government regarding the delay to reopening indoor hospitality venues after a legal challenge.

Hugh Osmond, of Punch Taverns, and Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester's night time economy tsar, sought to challenge the decision to delay the reopening of indoor hospitality until May 17, arguing there is no scientific basis for indoor hospitality to remain closed while other businesses such as non-essential retail have been permitted to resume trading.

Mr Justice Julian Knowles dismissed the call for judicial review to bring forward indoor reopenings as 'academic', as the necessary hearing would now be unlikely to take place before May 17, the date by which indoor hospitality is already scheduled to reopen.

This judgement came just hours before a SAGE report said that ministers had been advised that "eating out in any food outlet or restaurant was not associated with increased odds" of catching Covid-19.

Sacha Lord, said: "We are disappointed with the outcome. While this fight has always been an uphill battle, made harder by the Government's delaying tactics and refusal to mediate, we are pleased that the case has shone a light on the hospitality sector and the unfair and unequal guidance within the recovery road map."