BOLTON Council’s elections are just a week away, and more than a third of seats are up for election when the polls open on Thursday.

Ninety-nine candidates will stand in battles across 20 areas in the borough, with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats putting up one prospective councillor for each seat.

There are numerous issues on everyone’s mind - the pandemic, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour - and the candidates are trying to do their best to convince voters they are the person to help with them.

We asked The Bolton News readers what their biggest issues were and had a wide range of responses.

There were more than 100 responses and many didn’t hold back in their thoughts.

James Walsh said: “How many times has the Town Hall been done up?

“Every year I see scaffolding here, there and everywhere.

“They say we have no money to put more police on the streets - also they lay roadworks around town for bikes that nobody uses. Who comes up with these ideas?”

Mark Griffiths said: “This new tax plan to tax drivers in Bolton must not go ahead.

“It will be devastating for business and commuters right when they need it the least!

“I will not support any party that chooses to blame the drivers of Bolton for emissions caused by a underfunded, inefficient road network.”

Julian Jones commented: “The state of the roads. My car has just cost a lot of money to have fixed.

“Completely shredded tyre, new suspension spring and mounting.

“Money can be spent on painting rainbows and poppies on the road, but not on fixing potholes.”

Sue Jones posted: “The obsession with litter picking around election time.

“Anyone can litter-pick. I want someone to do something to stop the litter in the first place.

“The youth (of Bolton) need more to occupy them and infighting between parties needs to stop.

“Sick of getting leaflets telling me how bad the other party is but not what the candidate is actually going to do.

“GM mayor election as well. No point in moaning if you don’t vote.”