POLICE found a wedding reception with more than 60 guests in full swing at a restaurant in February, newly published documents have revealed.

The event, on February 21, when all indoor mixing between different households was prohibited, took place at the Hot Chilli restaurant, Dunscar Business Park, Egerton.

Ahead of a review of the licence for the premises this week, Bolton Council has published police reports into the incident which show officers who attended had to call in reinforcements to issue penalty notices to 37 adults.

In a statement from a police officer who was called to the restaurant, he said the owner told him he thought he could have 30 people attend.

A licensing statement to be considered by councillors said: “This was clearly a pre-arranged wedding.

“By being open this day with adults and children mixing the restaurant’s management has put everyone at risk of contracting the virus and passing it on to others in the area.”

Police went to the venue after receiving a caller said he had witnessed ‘what he believes to be an Indian wedding taking place’.

The caller said he estimated around 60 people were inside and a further 20 had just turned up.

PC Andrew Hopwood said: “ At 3pm I attended Hot Chilli restaurant to find a party was ongoing. My assessment was around 50 people were having a sit-down meal.

“It was clear a wedding or similar formal event was taking place. Decorations and table favours were on each table and there were ‘Mr & Mrs’ gift boxes for each guest.

“The guests were dressed formally, males in matching red ties and black shirts and formal suits,

“Females were wearing expensive looking traditional Asian gowns.

“I was approached by the business owner, Shek Shah.

“He stated he thought he was allowed 30 people to attend as it was a wedding. I explained that by allowing guests to have a sit-down meal and gather he had breached legislation.”

The report added Mr Shah was unable to say who had organised the wedding as it was arranged ‘through the friend of a friend’.

In total there were 65 adults and children present as well as 10 staff, cooking or serving drinks.

A second group of police officers were sent to the restaurant as there were so many fixed penalty notices to issue.

PC Hopwood’s statement, added: “On going downstairs I could see a wedding cake with the names ‘Shazad & Ameen’ laid out on the table.

“At the time of writing the bride and groom who were the focus of the celebration have not been identified as it is believed they left before police attendance.”

A Bolton Council panel will review the restaurant’s premises licence on Tuesday, May 4.