Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a virtual iftar event with key workers and volunteers who have been helping in the fight against Covid-19.

Mr Johnson was joined by people from across the UK including Blackburn’s Faz Patel. The Iftar is the time Muslims break their fast.

The Prime Minister thanked workers for their efforts during the pandemic and for their support during the vaccination programme.

He said: “This is an opportunity for me to pay tribute to everybody in the Muslim community who has had to do all this to celebrate your iftar, celebrate iftar in a way that we haven’t had to do before, to do it remotely, to do it like this with all the difficulties and privations that we had to ensure because of Covid.

“So, thank you very much for putting up with it.”

This Is Lancashire:

Faza Patel (bottom right)

Faz lost his grandfather on December 15 to Covid and it was something he shared during the virtual iftari.

Faz Patel said: “I told the Prime Minister about my journey with vaccinations and he was very saddened to hear my loss and all the others who have lost their loved ones.”

Faz says his grandad inspired him to continue volunteering and helping people as much as he could.

“My grandad was so much looking forward to taking his vaccination on December 18.
“I was going to take him on that day but almighty chose him but sadly he died.

“After his death I got involved with vaccination when the opportunity came along through Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service 

“22 December was my first shift at Darwen health centre and it was emotional when people were getting their jab as I thinking of my grandad.”

Since then, Faz has been volunteering across Lancashire from Lancaster, Preston, Burnley, Nelson, Blackburn helping and supporting colleagues as a logistics facilitator.



Faz said he had met thousands of people with their own heart breaking stories, “As a country we’ve vaccinated over 35 million people and my colleagues and I have played our role in protecting our loved ones across Lancashire .

“Every day I remember my grandfather when I help out at vaccination hubs and tell my story about how I got involved.

“Like many families we have not grieved the loss of our loved ones but I made sure I can at least play my role in helping with the vaccination programme. I will grieve once all this over and will be smiling that my grandfather wanted me to do this.”