POLICE are urging people to keep respecting the coronavirus rules as we enter the the first weekend in which bars, restaurants and cafes have been allowed to open to months.

Officers have witnessed a reduction in Covid-19 breaches this week with Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Chris Hill praising the public for their behaviour.

The force encourages people to spend time with family and friends but is reminding them that coronavirus has not gone away and that they need to stick to the rules to help keep infection rates down.

Speaking in the busy Northern Quarter in Manchester, Supt Hill said: "We've had a reduction in the number of Covid incidents reported to us this week, which shows that people are complying, so I want to say a huge thank you to the people of Greater Manchester for their efforts.

"Please use this well-deserved time to catch up with loved ones.

"But remember the virus is still out there so social distancing and the wearing of masks still remain for those that are not in your household.

"I hope you have an enjoyable and safe weekend. Thank you."