A FARNWORTH woman has said the area in which she lives is becoming "not a pleasant place to be" after a dumped mattress was set alight by youngsters.

Paula Wallen, who lives on Sutherland Street, said that nearby Back Harrowby Street is often hit by flytippers, drug dealers and anti-social youngsters who have been causing problems for residents.

Around two weeks ago, a mattress was dumped on a match of land on the street - with it going up on flames on Tuesday night.

Paula said that she captured a group of youngsters setting it on fire and has reported the incident to the council.

She said: "The back street where we live is been really bad - the mattress fire was the third one in 12 months and it has always been kids doing it. They once even filled up a bin with rubbish and set it on fire in a garage to make the whole thing go up.

"The heartbreaking thing about it is that we always clean that area and it just constantly gets things dumped on it. I was going to put some wild seeds in that area on the night the mattress was set on fire so I'm glad I didn't."

The fire brigade were called out on Tuesday evening, where the small fire was quickly put out.

But Paula said that anti-social behaviour was becoming more and more common in the area.

She said: "It's not just this every day - there will be a drug deal happening, or garages being broke into for drug use. It's not a pleasant place to live at the minute. My neighbour has a toddler and there are always hypodermic needles and bottles being thrown into her garden - she is scared to let them out."

Local councillor Paul Sanders said that the incident was "deeply disappointing" and has promised to liaise with the necessary authorities and bodies to make the area safer.

He said: "It is deeply disappointing to see such dangerous and destructive behaviour from handful of children.

"Residents have done the right thing in contacting emergency services and police. Farnworth ward councillors will liaise with all partners and request this area be part of the 'Safe4Summer' campaign which takes place over the summer months – involving Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Greater Manchester Police and Bolton Council."