It has now been a year since the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Kier Starmer, came to office; we’ve obviously come a long way as we now support the Conservative government in practically everything it does.

Failing to criticise, too scared to put an alternative course of action, what leadership! What pay rise should the nurses receive we can’t say but more than the Conservative possibly.

You can’t even call out Track and Trace because it’s not run by the NHS but a private company which is being paid £1,000 to £6,000 per person per day but you go along with it.

That £37 billion should have been given to the NHS and the local authorities to run a more efficient system, not a private company who have failed miserably but you haven’t made the case.

Be radical, never mind that £20 to a family on welfare, we have a printing press. Give every adult £200 pounds a week; promise to build sufficient housing to take people out of disgusting housing but don’t play party politics.

Let us really change Britain forever; you could but you won’t do it. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we can do whatever it takes to change whatever we want. Politicians will continue to betray the people as they have always done.

You will continue to steal from the poor to give it to the rich; keep interests rates very low to give more to the rich. Tax the poor to give to the rich. Until you start to give to the poor seriously, you are not fit for office. Make that case and do it radically but you will not so you deserve nothing.

If you want to you can provide the rich with as much money as they want, or for once try giving it to the poor of society. Haven’t the people suffered enough make the case and do it.

Ian Greenhalgh