A BOLTON pop star has released a new song on her comeback to the music industry.

Singer-songwriter Redd has topped charts across Europe and Asia, working with the likes of Akon, Snoop Dogg and Pitbull.

Redd, real name Amy Louise, 32, made her first official appearance in 2010 on ITV’s ‘The X Factor’, reaching the final 50 contestants at boot camp.

She released her new electro-pop anthem ‘Rogue’ on Friday, April 2 - a song about empowerment and taking back control.

The lyrics draw upon the complexities of efforts between a relationship and how they can hurt so much that you reach a point of fight or flight.

And Redd said that the song “has been a long time coming” following a hiatus from the industry.

She had been working as a surveyor full-time for several years, having endured the up and down nature of the music business.

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She said: “The song got to number 24 in the UK dance charts and I was absolutely buzzing - this song has been a year in the making.

“Last year, I quit my job and my husband said that we were stable enough and if I wanted to I could go back to music full-time. I quit my job in February, went on holiday to Bulgaria and there was a pandemic. I thought it was a sadistic joke.”

However, Redd is optimistic for the future and is excited for what may come her way.

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She added: “I am glad I am back doing it and I have got this fire in my belly.

“Rogue is really special to me as I wanted the song and lyrics to be relatable to people.

“My aim is to give people the empowerment to show that we don’t always need to rely on other people. To never be in that state of mind that if you’re own your own, you can’t be successful.”

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Redd is currently gearing up for a packed year of shows, including the Miss Manchester Finals, Bolton Fashion Festival and a turn as a guest performer with Europe’s biggest tribute to The Rolling Stones, The Sticky Fingers.

‘Rogue’ can be found on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify.

For more information on Redd, visit reddofficial.com