APPEALING as it sounds, I fear that the idea of being able to get a long-haul flight all thanks to possessing a Covid jab certificate is perhaps a little simplistic.

Folks may get on the plane from the UK but what happens at the other end? It’s an interesting question. Arrivals in another country may have to undergo a test – your vaccination UK certificate notwithstanding – and guess who would have to pay for that? You would. And before boarding the plane for return home don’t rule out the possibility that another test may be insisted upon.

Being realistic, it looks as though it will take some years for long-haul flights to recover – if they ever do. Some nations may restrict inbound flights for some time, and keep their borders closed. Being cynical there are some countries who will use this as the excuse that they have always wanted to keep out perceived ‘undesirables’.

Obviously there will be serious and permanent effects regarding airline and airport staff. Then there is the aircraft building – Boeing were producing 35 planes per month which is now reduced to seven, presumably with massive employee losses.

The holiday companies are doing their best to get us to book that long-awaited break and there does seem to be more optimism about. But the devil will be in the detail and long haul flights will be among the last aspects of previously ‘normal’ life to be resolved.