AN ambulance crew say they were told they were ‘too dirty’ to enter a McDonald’s in Blackburn. McDonald’s said they have investigated the incident and said staff were ‘polite and professional’ and ‘apologised for any unintentional offence’ that may have been caused. The crew, who did not wish to be named, said they stopped off at the McDonald’s at Whitebirk for some lunch on Thursday but were told by staff they were too dirty to come inside. A paramedic told the Lancashire Telegraph: “Yes, our uniforms are dirty which I agree may be contaminated but certainly not ‘dirty’. It was poor terminology from staff to an overworked busy service simply wanting lunch. “We would happily ring up and collect or shout through a shut door our order but to be called ‘dirty’ as a professional service is heartbreaking at the moment.” They said they had attended the same McDonald’s in the past with no issue. Due to the lockdown, no restaurants offer dine-in or table service and food must be ordered online. Toilets and handwashing facilities remain open wherever possible but seating areas and children’s play areas are closed. All Drive Thrus and all McDelivery orders via Uber Eats and Just Eat, are contact-free and there is no physical contact between customers, employees and couriers wherever possible. A crew member said: “It is purely being referred to by a supposedly reputable firm as dirty when we are in the worst NHS crisis in history. “There are far better and more respectful ways to talk to professional services in this traumatic period where we should all be helping each other.” A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “Our restaurants are currently closed for walk-in takeaway, and this was explained to the customers at the time. “Following an investigation, our understanding is that the customer interaction was polite and professional, however, we apologise if there was any unintentional offence or confusion caused by the unavailability of walk-in takeaway.”