A NUMBER of scrambler bikes have been seized following a clampdown on anti-social behaviour by police officers in Bury.

The move follows complaints from residents on Shaw Street, Maxwell Street and Pine Street that bikes were being driven at high speeds.

Another bike was seized being ridden along the Bury and Bolton canal tow path near Radcliffe.

Writing on the GMP Bury South Facebook page, an officer said: "We have had a number of reports of off-road bikes disrupting the beautiful scenery that we are blessed with in Bury and Radcliffe.

"Officers have been driving around Shaw Street, Maxwell Street and Pine Street in Bury and found two off-road bikers doing wheelies down the residential streets.

"As well as being very anti-social this is also exceptionally dangerous to anyone walking down the path or crossing the road in this residential street.

"Officers have employed pre-emptive tactics and have managed to grab one of the bikes and also the rider's mobile phone which he neglectfully dropped.

"The bike has now been seized and will be sent to be crushed in due course."

Officers also reported that a car driver was arrested in Ainsworth for motoring offences.

"A vehicle has been sighted driving ridiculously fast and has been stopped," the officer added. "The driver unfortunately decided that on top of driving this fast he also didn't want to bother with insurance on his car."