Frustrated parents have spoken out after they came across vehicles parked on a pavement in Blackburn.

The couple were making their way to Corporation Park along Granville Road and said they were unable to manoeuvre their pram along the side of the road due to vehicles blocking their path.

The parent, who did not wish to be named, said: “This is ridiculous. I know people might not have space to park outside their house but does that mean you just put it on the pavement?

“How was a wheelchair supposed to get through here?

“Lots of families are walking past here to go to the park and it is the only time we find time to go for a walk.

“The pavement was blocked as the other vehicle had also decided to park half his car on to the pavement without checking if there was room for people to get through.”

Granville Road does not have yellow lines along this stretch of the road so no laws were broken.

Although not illegal parking a vehicle on a pavement could lead to an offence of obstruction being committed and could result in a fixed penalty notice being issued.

It is currently illegal in London and has been since 1974, where drivers can face a hefty fine of £70 if they break the law. Ministers are considering whether to extend London’s ban to the whole country.

The Department for Transport launched a consultation on possible options in relation to the nationwide ban, which ended in November last year.

When the consultation was launched last year Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Parking on pavements means wheelchair users, visually impaired people and parents with pushchairs can be forced into the road, which is not only dangerous but discourages people from making journeys.

“A key part of our green, post-COVID recovery will be encouraging more people to choose active travel, such as walking, so it is vital that we make the nation’s pavements accessible for everyone.”

Several areas in Blackburn have had issues with cars parking on pavements such as Preston Old Road and Whalley Range with drivers parking on pavements.

While there is support for banning pavement parking, there were also warnings that drivers should not be demonised, as by parking on footways they were making more room for other motorists on the road.