PLANS have been submitted again to create two houses of multiple occupancy in Bolton centre.

Mistoria Group has submitted the plans for two seven-bedroom HMOs above Whittakers in Deansgate, despite similar plans being rejected last December.

The plans submitted then were for two eight-bedroom HMOs, which the developers say they have changed due to the reasons given for its original refusal.

A council officers’ report stated one of the reasons the first proposal was rejected was: “The proposal would fail to provide adequate living space for bedrooms 1, 2, 5, 6 at both 108-110 Deansgate and would also fail to provide adequate private outdoor amenity space, to the detriment of the living conditions of the future residents.

"The proposal would fail to provide a safe means of access for future residents, therefore not taking into account the need to reduce crime and fear of crime.”

A planning statement with this updated application says the developer has taken this into account and has changed the plans accordingly.

The new plans would involve converting the first and second floors above the Whittakers shop into two HMOs, with 14 cycle spaces provided.

The report says: “The applicant has given due consideration to addressing these reasons for refusal and areas of concern. 

"The applicant has gone to significant lengths to seek to address the council’s concerns, whilst maintaining a deliverable and viable conversion of the upper floors.

“Various matters in respect of safety and security have been considered and the proposed plans provide a significantly enhanced new scheme.”

A council decision is expected to be delivered by the beginning of April.