FIREFIGHTERS are urging residents to be careful after a spike in cooking fires in the region as Pancake Tuesday arrives tomorrow.

Two fire engines were sent to a home on Hind Street in Tonge Fold at around 5.45pm yesterday after a blaze involving a pan of food on a cooker broke out and a man needed treatment for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters used a hose reel and a positive pressure ventilation fan to extinguish the flames and were on the scene for around an hour.

Meanwhile, at around 1.30pm on Sunday, two fire engines from Farnworth and one from Leigh attended a fire in a domestic property on Milk Street in Tyldesley.

The fire involved a grill pan and a cooker and was extinguished by crews using two breathing apparatus and one hose reel. Firefighters were on the scene for around 35 minutes.

In another incident, at around 8.40pm on Friday, three fire engines were sent to a fire at a kitchen in a flat in Northern Grove in Manchester.

The fire was caused by an extractor fan, which was covered in oil, catching fire from the cooker hob. F

Firefighters wearing four breathing apparatus used two hose reels, a short extension ladder, a positive pressure ventilation unit and a smoke curtain to bring the fire under control.

Crews were there for around 45 minutes.

And at 3.10pm yesterday, three fire engines attended a fire in a flat on The Gardens in Eccles.

The fire involved a tea towel on an electric hob which was out on arrival.

Firefighters gave oxygen therapy to a woman who was suffering from smoke inhalation.

Crews were on the scene for around 20 minutes.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) head of prevention, area manager Paul Duggan, said: “These incidents show just why it is so important to be careful in the kitchen.

"While nobody was seriously hurt, people did need treatment for smoke inhalation and property was damaged.

“That’s why we need everyone to be safe this Shrove Tuesday and whenever they are cooking.

"If you are making pancakes tomorrow, enjoy it but please never leave cooking unattended and if there are children around don’t get distracted by them and make sure you keep them away from the hob.

“We know most fires start in the kitchen so if you are safe there you can significantly reduce the risk of having one in your home.

“Please take this as a reminder to test your smoke alarm – doing so could save the lives of you and your family.”

GMFRS is urging residents to never leave cooking unattended and if you have children in the kitchen with you on Shrove Tuesday to not be distracted and to keep them away from the hob at all times.

Last week, GMFRS revealed it attended 902 kitchen fires in 2020 – more than half of all accidental fires firefighters attended last year.

You can find more advice for staying safe in the kitchen by clicking here.