Whatever one’s personal views are relating to the American elections and the subsequent shenanigans, I think there are important lessons and warnings for us in how we conduct elections in the UK.

We are blessed (as far as I am aware) that whatever the election, all votes are counted manually as opposed to the US where electronic machines are used. These machines are open to interference meaning that one can never be sure that the final numbers actually represent the votes cast.

So, UK elections must never be seduced by the urge to digitise everything.

Other contentious issues relate to the use of postal votes (mail-in ballots in the US).

Ever since Tony Blair allowed postal votes on demand there has always been the suspicion that somehow or other these have been manipulated to the advantage of one party or another.

I would like to see eligibility for a postal vote reverting to those who physically cannot attend a Polling Station by infirmity or absence from the country.

Finally there is the issue of photo ID. Considering the hoops one has to jump through to even open a bank account let alone get a passport or driving licence, it is not beyond the wit of man to arrange that all citizens of voting age can obtain with little expense proof that whoever presents at a Polling Station is actually who they purport to be.

Our UK democracy is sacred and must be protected at all costs. In my view US democracy has just been dealt a hammer blow. It must not happen here.

Paul Richardson