A MAN blew £3,000 in four hours on cocaine and prostitutes after conning the cash out of a woman who wanted her kitchen renovated.

Bolton magistrates heard how John Price had done work on the bathroom at the woman's Bolton home, which she had been pleased with and, a few weeks later, she asked him to sort further issues with her kitchen.

But Leigh Morgan prosecuting, told how when Price obtained a written quote of £3,000 from a supplier, he passed it on to her on November 28 last year, after altering it to make it appear he had already bought goods.

The woman then transferred £3,000 to Price's account, which, magistrates heard, he then spent on prostitutes and drugs.

The crime came to light when the woman rang the supplier herself and was told that the goods had not been ordered.

She called the police and her son, who knew Price, contacted him.

"He immediately admitted what he had done and was very apologetic," said Ms Morgan.

Price, aged 38, of Spring Lane, Radcliffe, pleaded guilty to fraud.

Tracy Haslam, defending, told the court: "He accepts full responsibility. He admitted the offence to the family straight away and expressed remorse and regret.

"It is fair to say, this isn't a sophisticated fraud. The family knew him, they knew his contact details and knew how to get hold of him.

"He knew he would be caught."

Ms Haslam said that Price had been living in Scotland and moved to Radcliffe after a relationship broke down.

"It is at that point that the instability in his life caused him to go back to old behaviours, which caused him to commit this offence," she said.

"His life had changed. He was in rented accommodation and he felt lonely and isolated. That's why he spent the money in the way he did."

She added that he has since sought help for his drug addiction, now works and wants to pay the money back to his victim.

Magistrates sentenced Price to do 150 hours of unpaid work plus 10 days of rehabilitation activities.

He must also pay £180 in costs and charges and £3,000 in compensation to his victim.

Chairman of the Bench, David Chadwick told Price: "It would have been a lot harsher sentence had you not pleaded guilty."