PUBS are concerned they may not be able to opening their doors again if they have to remain closed for several more months due to "inadequate" support.

The hospitality industry has had a hard time during Covid-19, with wet pubs in Lancashire having been closed since mid October when the county saw the first round of tier 3 restrictions imposed.

Carole Davis who runs the Clifton Arms in Blackburn said: "It's your home - it's not just your business. I've been here for sixteen years.

"We seem to be hit the most from the word go. We were the first to shut and I think we will be the last to open, I really do.

"We don't think we are going to open up by April, maybe May, maybe even June looking at it realistically and trying to read between the lines, we think we will be the last to open."

The furlough scheme has been extended by the government as the national lockdown sees more people unable to work.

Grants for businesses have also been re-introduced to help those who are closed, however Carole said it is still not manageable as she is unsure as to when she will have to make the money last until.

She added: "It's been extremely difficult. The amount we from the grants is based on our income from the previous year and we didn't have a good year so the amount we get from that is not at all viable.

"The worst thing is is not having any structure from the government. In the tiers, even if we drop down to level 2, I still won't be able to open because I don't serve food.

"For me to be open it would have to be tier 1 and I have no idea what or when that will be and that's really worrying."

On Monday evening, Matt Hancock said he wanted Britons to “have that great British summer” and for life to return to normal “as fast possible” as he outlined details of the vaccine rollout.

Cllr Josh Allen who runs the White Bull in Oswaldtwistle and is the Hyndburn councillor for Immanuel ward said that although he is a member of the Conservative party, he has spoken out against the Government, saying "they are not doing enough".

He said: "The lack of support at the minute - it's hard to agree with them (Conservatives).

"I think more support is needed. What doesn't help is the lack of monetary help as well as help with bills and providing help to landlords and breweries.

"At the end of the day, especially as a councillor, I need to point out when the Government is failing and the lack of help they are giving to pubs and other businesses is inadequate."

The landlord has said that it is difficult to see not just himself, but his staff members who are being furloughed struggle, but said the financial assistance he gets isn't enough for him to help them as well.

He added: "We are doing the best we can to give them what we can but we are not getting enough ourselves to make sure the business is here at the end of this.

"It is frustrating and annoying and we are not the only business like this and that is what is making this worse is I can see untold amounts of people losing their jobs at the end of whatever help we get."

Earlier in the year the government reduced their furlough contribution to 60%, asking companies to top up their staffs wages by 20% but the Government is now paying the full 80%, with the employer only covering pension and National Insurance contributions. The furlough scheme has now been extended to April.

The government has also provided business rate relief for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses and one-off grants, with up to £9,000 available to businesses that are closed due to restrictions.