One of the few moments of pleasure left to us is the weekly takeout. Here, we take a look at some fried and grilled chicken outlets in town and what stands out on their menus.

New Bank Road, Blackburn
The best item (according to my opinion) on the menu here is the Mexican wrap. Comes in at £3.49 and an extra quid gets you chips and a drink. You could go for the traditional chicken and chips and maybe the range of burgers but then you may return here and tell me that you should have gone for the Mexican wrap. Needs a bit of a makeover this place now.

Eanam, Blackburn
Chester’s have been serving up some decent chicken but may not be everyone’s preference. It comes in decent portions and the place itself is well set out. Any other day you could go upstairs and sit inside in a modern seating area. Food wise the grilled Peri Peri chicken portions are pretty good value and come a variety of sizes. May be worthwhile opting for the peri wings, peri peri strips and a wide range of burritos. On the downside it can get busy and the parking is a bit of a pain if you are picking up.

Limbrick Blackburn
A wide and varied range on the menu with a lot of you find anywhere else. As well the familiar chicken and chips they have a really impressive range of burgers.
The grilled Butterfly Burger (£6.49) which consists of Chicken breast, cheese, red onion and Crispy Lettuce is something to try. And then we have the Bandito Burgers (seriously hot bandito fried fillet, jalapeno sauce, mayo, red onions and fresh lettuce) for those wanting something a little more fiery. This is priced at £8.48.
Also, the aptly named range of ‘Saucy Salads’ are a little different priced at £7.49.

Pepe’s Piri Piri
Victoria Street
Pepe’s is the ‘upmarket’ chicken joint in town. I say this because it is a tad more expensive than the others and also has a wider range of food on the menu. Our choice would be the Pepe’s Chick ’N’ Rice which will set you back £8.61 – add £1.50 for some extra chicken strips. For the adventurous try the BBQ Sizzler - Chicken breast with jalapenos & BBQ sauce in a fresh panini or Chicken Tasca - Chicken strips with hot Sriracha sauce. Both priced £5.16.

Johnson Street, Blackburn
This may not have the snazzy layout and branding as the rest of the establishments on this list but Grillish serves up the best grilled chicken in town. It is a formula that has yet to be replicated I am afraid and whilst some may not agree – this small and somewhat insignificant takeaway is king of the grilled chicken. Still knocking out a full chicken for £6. If you really want to push the boat out and make a night to remember - add some ribs. Value for money and a taste that has yet to be replicated.