THE festive season is well upon us but residents need to be wary of one character who rode into town ready to cause mischief.

The Grinch was spotted riding on a penny farthing on Blackburn Road in Astley Bridge on Tuesday afternoon.

He also wore a Christmas hat and jumper, brightening up people's day as he passed.

Arriving with a well known reputation of doing his best to ruin Christmas, neighbours will need to be on their guard.

Shaun Hill, 53, from Astley Bridge, captured the green-faced figure on camera.

The comedy cyclist waved as he cycled past on the classic 19th century bicycle.

This Is Lancashire:

The Grinch rides on Blackburn Road in Astley Bridge

Shaun said: "With the situation we are in at the moment and the weather being bad, seeing something like this gives you a lift.

"It gives you that Christmas buzz especially when you see him riding a penny farthing.

"It is not every day that you see someone dressed as the Grinch riding a penny farthing down Blackburn Road."

The identity of the man behind the mask has not been revealed but it is believed that it is the same person who dressed as Spider-Man earlier this year.

Pictures and video shared on social media in April showed the superhero riding through Bolton on a penny farthing, cheering people up amid the pandemic.

Shaun, who says the rider has also been known to wear a Predator mask, added: "He is a bit like Banksy, he likes to remain anonymous."