MANY readers had strong opinions to share after the news that Bolton would be placed into Tier 3 of the government's coronavirus restrictions.

The borough will be placed under "very high alert" when national lockdown ends on December 2, along with the rest of Greater Manchester.

A statement on the government website cited weekly case rates remaining very high, and "concerning" pressure on the NHS – particularly at Manchester University hospital and Pennine Acute Trust.

The news did not come as a surprise to some, with commenter dp71 saying: "What a shocker. Bolton basically in exactly the same position its been in for past 3 months. Clearly really effective this lockdown... Ridiculous."

Mike Jackson said: "If people had followed the rules in the first place - we wouldn’t be in this mess now."

Many people felt that the closure of hospitality venues was an unfair measure.

Derek Hilton says closing pubs will make him, a single pensioner, more lonely.

He said: "They seem hell bent on ruining the North's hospitality trade and causing future serious mental health issues.

"I'm a single pensioner and my only pleasure was a couple of pints twice a week with friends. My heads in bits."

User Nanabanana said: "So they will keep us in restrictions which don't allow restaurants to be open etc but people can go to church and visit the gym and spend money shopping.

"Then in over three weeks time restrictions will be lifted to allow people to celebrate Christmas in their homes with other households.

"None of this is sensible and nothing but a total shambles. So many people will be unemployed next year with no hope of a job."

Ste Sheehy added: "Bolton will be lucky to have any bars and restaurants left by time we get out of lockdown."

Others felt putting Greater Manchester and Lancashire into Tier 3, whilst keeping London in Tier 2, was unfair.

A reader who goes by the name of Mystery1972 said: "The Government have just lost every vote they gained in that election.

"Greater Manchester has a low infection rate of 0.8 and cases drastically falling , yet T3. Lancashire very low cases but the whole area now under T3!

"London & Kent the highest R rate of 1.2, yet London is T2 but Kent T3. This is the biggest example of North/South divide you will ever see.

"London should have been T3 no exceptions, but they've protected the Capital, meanwhile this will now finish off businesses up North as Xmas is their best month! Many many people will now lose their jobs and the majority will be Northern Families."

Simon Aspinall said: "Absolutely fuming. The restrictions can not be working otherwise Bolton would be tier 1.

"Only Liverpool not in tier 3 and that’s because the government would’ve looked more stupid than usual if the mass testing didn’t produce a benefit.

"At least the virus is taking Christmas off!!"

Daniel Withams said people needed to take more responsibility.

He said: "Nobody in London, MPs or otherwise is spreading the virus in the North West or any other part of the North. When will everyone realise that only we, by our combined and united actions, will bring this virus under control."