THOSE with a curiosity in discovering about the borough's past are invited to get involved in a new history project.

Representations from the The Woodlands Trust's Smithills Estate are looking for people to research the area's history at home amid the coronavirus restrictions.

People have lived and worked on the estate for centuries and the project aims to "bring those stories to life".

A trust spokesman said: "With lockdown restrictions in place and winter approaching, you may be looking for a new project to do at home and if you're into local history or genealogy, this could be the one for you!

"We're looking for armchair detectives to volunteer with us and help us to piece together the stories of Smithills Estate. We need people who enjoy researching family histories, and people who enjoy searching online archives.

"Smithills has a long and varied past, with people living and working here for centuries and through this project we can bring those stories to life.

"All you need is access to a computer and the internet, and if possible some knowledge of online genealogy (though we can help you!)"

To get involved email or for more information email